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Project Management

No surprise is still the best surprise 

Successful projects simply do not just happen. They require strategically planning the work and tactically working the plan. Acting as your trusted advisor, our firm brings you dedicated resources, proven processes, and deep experience to guide you in making the right strategic, financial, and mission-driven capital project decisions. 

We understand that your organization must focus on its core mission and it simply does not have the resources to additionally manage a significant capital project of this magnitude. Every capital project is unique and will face foreseen and unforeseen obstacles; you require a tailored, strategic approach that aligns your project's goals with the appropriate level of risk by:

+ Mitigating Risk by establishing best practices, proven processes, and procedures, and effectively monitoring that they are understood and implemented

+ Avoiding Risks through thorough due diligence and proper planning

+ Transferring Risks supported through strong and fair contract terms

+ Insuring Risks by understanding what is needed and what are the best ways to cover them – e.g., professional liability, construction liability, surety bonds, subguard, OCIP or CCIP, etc.

We will always focus on the only interests that matters … yours.



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