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The Unbiased Advantage

Managing Inherent Conflicts of Interest

The legal professional recognizes the inherent conflict of representing the plaintiff and defendant at the same time.  No matter the level of integrity, the two parties have conflicting objectives and the best one can do is meet in the middle, not necessarily gaining the best outcome for either party. 

The Impact of Natural Bias

Naturally, inherent human bias occurs with those of us who offer a product or service.

It's not that one will offer or suggest something that is clearly wrong; it’s the grey area of subjectivity where our influence clouds.  You see it with a Wall Street stock analyst.  Ten of the world’s smartest stock analysts will have a range of options from buy to sell on any given stock at any given time.  Our job is to uncover a full range of perspectives and with our team of experts explain why each belief exists to allow you to make a fully informed decision. 

Yes we have a bias!  Our bias is that experienced professionals are best able to represent you and offer advice if they do not have competing objectives from representing products or services of a single firm, investor, approach, or outcome.

Aligning Our Interest With Yours

We choose to not represent the products or services of any landlord, developer, architectural firm, construction company, or related vendor. 

Our choice is to serve you, the users of space, and our success is your success. Our future is tied to assuring you receive all the unbiased facts to help you make an informed decision.  We help you avoid risk and take advantage of the full range of alternatives available. 


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